Beyond the Sidelines: A Milestone for Macy

I want to send this email to say Thank You!!! Macy started with Sideline Spirit on August 31, 2015 in the Intermediate/Advanced Tumbling class starting her journey to becoming a Cheerleader. Macy was previously in Gymnastics as a little girl, but had never had any formal Cheer Training. In fact she never had any training in cheer at all. Her friend's Nadia and Kaitlyn were both in the classes, and Kaitlyn was currently on the Cheer Team at Knox Jr. High. They both pushed her to come take the class, and just like that we were on our way to a goal that certainly seemed unreachable. Laura, Macy's stepmom signed her up for the first class and she began taking the classes with Coach Rachel and loving them! She was able to progress at a fast pace due to the great coaching and will to succeed. During some point in the school year, Macy began listening to the doubters in her class that were current Cheerleaders and felt like she wasn't going to be good enough. We had a heart to heart about how it is an uphill climb due to the lack of cheer experience that she has had, but that when you really want something and work hard you can achieve the impossible. During this time we signed Macy up for the Dance class with Coach Tish, enrolled in Operation Tryout and First 15 when it came available. Coach Tish's Dance class was Awesome and Coach Rachel and the rest of the Sideline Spirit Team and their great work at the Operation Tryout and First 15 brought Macy a ton of confidence. The week before the tryout we had private lessons with Coach Rachel and with continued hard work and dedication practicing with Kaitlyn and Nadia, she was ready for the tryout at Knox Jr. High. On March 11th, my Birthday and wearing #41 during her tryout (My Age Now), we checked the website and Macy had achieved what herself and her doubters thought was impossible. She is now an official member of the 7th Grade Knox Cheer Team with her best friend and (student coach) Nadia. We are so proud of her and her accomplishment! For a young girl, this milestone will certainly aid in her confidence in becoming a young lady. We truly could not have done it without the Awesome Coaches and Owner at Sideline Spirit Cheer. Ashley, you have created something very special and we will always be grateful. It must be such an amazing reward to provide the tools to help these young girls achieve their dreams.

Thank You,

John Roberts
Proud Daddy