Beyond the Sidelines: Sew Your Spirit!

Bentley Lankford is truly a cheerleader at heart, she came into the world 14 weeks early (at a fierce 1lb 14oz) and stayed with her twin brother in the NICU for 3 months.  It is from that stay that has developed a giving heart, she is a creative girl and loves to SEW.  At 5 years old she started making small pillows and blankets that she would donate to the NICU that cared for her at birth.  This Christmas she delivered 14 blankets for the babies in the NICU, they were the perfect size for the tiny babies that were spending their holidays in the hospital.

In October of 2014 she decided to take on her first big sewing project, she wanted to make cheer bears for the girls in her class and the coaches at Sideline Spirit.  She searched Pintrest for ideas and finally had a picture of what she wanted to make, Bentley sought out some help from her Great Aunt who is an amazing seamstress and who helped with modifying the pattern and the embroidery but in the end Bentley sewed 12 skirts, 12 shells, 12 bloomers, her mom pitched in to help with the project making 24 pom poms and 12 bows.  It was a huge undertaking for this  7 year old but the excitement of giving them to her Sideline friends we truly worth it.

Bentley continues to sew blankets in her free time, is currently working on some doll clothes and is taking classes in the Spring on how to read patterns so she can design & sew her own clothes.